Manufacturers of Knitting and Weaving Fabrics
100% Cotton Yarn
Ne 4s-160s Carded & Combed Single as well as TFO / Ring
Doubled yarns for Knitting / Weaving.
Open-End Yarns
OE 6s-20s single and TFO doubled from 100% Virgin Cotton, Cotton
Waste, T/C blended in ratio 65:35 & 52:48 for Knitting / Weaving.
  Manmade Fiber Yarns
Ne 10s-80s 100% Polyester, 100% Viscose, Poly/Viscose blended in ratio
65:35 & 52:48 for Knitting / Weaving.
100% Cotton Gassed
Mercerised Yarns
Ne 20/2 - 120/2 TFO / Ring Doubled Gassed Mercerised yarns for Knitting
/ Weaving.
Melange Yarns
Ne 10s-60s Single and TFO Doubled 100% Cotton Melange, T/C Melange
& T/R Melange for Knitting / Weaving.
Core Spun Yarns
Ne 10s-40s Core Spun with Lycra/ Spandex/Roica in 40D/70D coated
with 100% Cotton carded / combed.
Compact Yarns
Ne 10s-80s Compact yarns made on Suessen Elite / Rieter COM4
Slub Yarns
OE 6s-16s Amsler Slub and Ne 7s-40s Ring Slub for Knitting / Weaving.


Prakash Yarn Agency since its inception have specialized to procure Quality Cotton Yarns from India’s Leading
Spinning Millls.

Marketing yarns has been the core business activity of Prakash yarn agency.
We have offices at Malegon, Ichalkaranji , Bhiwandi & Mumbai to deal in 20’s, 30’s , 40’s carded, combed yarns and
other different types of Yarns.

Following are some of the products :-
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